Meaning of obedince in Urdu

What is a meaning or translation of word obedince in Urdu

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1. drink water it flushes your syestm and clears your skin2. eat lots of pretein rich food like chicken3. eat green leafy evegables like spinach and brocolli4. eat vegatbles and fruit5. leave oilive oil on your hair overnight for deep conditoning6. wash face with good clenaser and then mostruise7. dont pick spots8. splash your face with hot water and then cold and then do it again, so it goes hot, cold, hot cold. to get the circulation in your face moving.9. use a good face mask like multani mitti (fullers earth) to suck out trapped dirt and oils.10. dip your face in cold water. fill your sink up and put your face in for 10 seconds it closes pores and is really good for you.11. get exfoliation gloves, and do a full body exfoliation twice a week.12. smile and be confident13. dont eat too much faty foods its not good for your skin or body14. exercise often, i do hulahooping as doing 10 minutes of that burns 100 calroies!! exercise realeases endorphins and makes your skin glow and gives you more energy15.get a spray tan or apply your own, you always feel better tanned16. dye your hair when you want a chnage and after you have done it leave coconut oil mixed with olive oil on your hair overnight , to help prevent to much damage.17. drink milk and eat dairy its good for your skin and bones.18. put olive oil on your face at night instead of mostuiser, its really moisturising! or you can use coconut oil or wheatgerm oil or sweet almond oil.19. apply good mositurieser on your body to leave it soft, supple and hydrated.20. when you apply hand cream rub it in deeply and give yourself a hand massage at the same time! same with your feet.21. put mositurieser or petroleum jelly on your feet before you go bed and then put on socks your feet will feel amazaing! you can do the same with your hands too.22. rub potato on your skin or papaya to help get rid of spots and acne marks! ( it works )23. eat celery to relive bloat, it has zero calories tooxx

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