Abbreviation of IFR

What is a abbreviation of IFR

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no, because reeebmmr he said that at this stage of physics all situations are ideal,so all energy is conserved hardeeerock says: so smart you''re making me feel dumb !!! tupac2133 says: thank you sir !!! can i giv u hi five !!! u make things simple Aseninejoe says: ty so much i couldnt belive it when i saw you have done this many videos for physics as well as chemistry Ayoosh101 says: You make me wonder why even i am going to school!!!!!! Armeshpokemon says: Can It be P/V=k? qaseymoto says: as you increase pressure, heat increases aswell and so that heat rate must be measured too stephennesbitt2000 says: i thought thermodynamics was to do with heat and stuff what''s gas got to do with it?(this isnt just a pointless comment-i''d appreciate it if someone replied) RJonStreetz says: @makemeupdebi lol why not! SuperMacbeth123 says: Absolute pressure/Pa times volume/m^3 = N times k (boltzmann constant 1.38 10^-23) times absolute temperature/kelvinwhere N is number of molecules or since k = R / Avogadrian constantPV=nRTwhere n is number of moles

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